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Loftware acquires Gap Systems

Acquisition combines enterprise labeling with artwork management.

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Loftware, a global leader in enterprise labeling solutions, has acquired Gap Systems, a leading provider of SaaS based artwork management solutions headquartered in the United Kingdom.

The acquisition offer Loftware customers a new cloud-based digital platform with solutions for how enterprises create, manage and print complex labeling and packaging artwork, and scale across their operations.

Loftware dynamically addresses a complete range of customer and regulatory mandates by producing mission-critical barcode labels and documents across the supply chain, while Gap Systems controls complex packaging artwork processes throughout the product lifecycle. Together they address the full spectrum of labeling and packaging artwork requirements across a broad range of industries with a special focus on pharmaceutical, medical device, manufacturing, food and beverage, chemical, retail and consumer packaged goods.

The combined platform—whether used for labeling, artwork management or both—enables customers to improve time to market, mitigate risk, reduce supply chain complexity, optimize costs and increase agility. Available for SaaS, cloud-based or on premise deployment, the platform integrates with existing business processes and empowers business users to manage variability with dynamic, data-driven printing to ensure greater consistency and accuracy. Organizations can now manage content (including images, artworks, warnings, translations and phrases) used for both labeling and packaging with an advanced workflow that supports the broadest range of labels and artworks. This is especially important for customers in validated environments, enabling them to minimize what have traditionally been lengthy approval and review cycles.

“Loftware and Gap offer truly complementary solutions that the market needs, especially as companies look to standardize on a single platform that can create, manage and print labels and packaging artwork across worldwide operations,” said Gap Systems founder and CEO, Paul Goldberg. “Now internal and external stakeholders in packaging, regulatory, quality, operations, manufacturing, supply chain and marketing can address a more extensive set of requirements.”

Loftware is hosting a webinar on March 22th at 11am EST featuring Loftware president and CEO Robert O’Connor Jr, who will discuss the acquisition and how combined Loftware and Gap Systems solutions will transform the enterprise labeling and artwork management market. You can also watch a video announcement at

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