New pallets please user, customer and consumer

Manufacturer uses display-ready, shared half pallets to eliminate product damage and customer complaints.
By · February 08, 2018

Founded in 1926, family-owned Jel Sert produces food and beverages distributed internationally to some of the biggest retailers in the world. The company ships 100,000 cases of products on half pallets every year—and those shipments were creating problems. To minimize product damage and improve product presentation in retail stores, the company deployed a new half pallet that eliminated damage and customer complaints while improving operational efficiency.

The recycled half pallets Jel Sert used previously were of inconsistent quality and didn’t offer enough top deck coverage. As a result, product was often damaged in transit and during unloading. Retailers began to complain about the quality issues and the pallets’ unsightly appearance.

Michael Martinez, vice president of customer service and distribution for Jel Sert, sought a new pallet that would “complete the professional appearance of our products and show as a display-ready pallet for our retailers.”

Jel Sert first conducted a trial run with the new 40 x 24-inch half pallet (CHEP) and deployed the shared pallets after determining they were reliable. Martinez says the half pallets delivered marked operational efficiencies.

“In addition to providing pallets, we found a strategic partner in providing multi-faceted solutions in the most cost-efficient manner, ultimately satisfying internal and external supply chain challenges,” Martinez says. “The half pallet is a durable, economical and aesthetically pleasing pallet. This is critical to our overall marketing strategy.”

For the past two years since adopting the shared pallets, Jel Sert has eliminated product damage during shipment and has achieved 100% customer complaint-free status. The pallets also strengthened the company’s ongoing sustainability program, avoiding nearly 100,000 pounds of CO2 and nearly 130,000 pounds of solid waste.

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