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ST Robotics
6-axis, vertically articulated robot arm

Self-contained 6-axis vertically articulated robot arm

The R12-six 6-axis, vertically articulated robot arm from ST Robotics can be unpacked and programmed in just a few hours for use in testing, sample handling and machine-feeding applications. Capable of handling complex tasks, the robot is fast, adaptable and easy to program.

It has an effective reach of 19.7 inches (500 millimeters) and uses lightweight, high-efficiency digital motors driven by steel-reinforced, polyurethane timing belts.

Optional, incremental, optical encoders may be specified, as well as a versatile end effector that incorporates a mounting plate for grippers, vacuum cups and more.

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ST provides professional but affordable, easy-to-use, ready-to-go boxed robots. Unpack it, set it up and start programming using our comprehensive manuals. Low cost bench top robot arms - swift, accurate, easy to program - within reach financially and technically. Their high intelligence finds them niches in the most complex tasks but they are easy to apply to any application from machine feeding to laboratory sample handling. ST robots will do most of what their big brothers will do, much that they can’t do and at a fraction of the price!

ST Robotics
Sands Technology International Inc.
103 Carnegie Center, Suite 300
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
Tel: Tel: +1 609 584 7522

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ST Robotics
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