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Newcastle Systems
New Atlas Series Mobile Dimensioning Stations

Integrated station is easy to install, integrates with your existing WMS, ERP and shipping software, and can be inserted into your existing line straight out of the box.

The NEW Atlas Series Mobile Dimensioning Stations from Newcastle Systems enable your warehouse staff to dimension directly at the product location, increasing productivity by up to 50 percent because costly steps and motion are eliminated.

These rugged units, integrated with the QubeVu DimStation™ quickly capture data so you can identify the best packaging solutions, optimize warehouse space, maximize truck/trailer loads and decrease shipping charges and costly charge backs.


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Corporate Philosophy Our commitment is to provide innovative solutions that help to make equipment more mobile and information more readily available across an entire enterprise. Our full line of powered wireless workstations can be integrated with computers, printers, barcode scanners, test and most other small equipment.  Together they can improve efficiencies in a wide variety of applications including inventory control, process control, information recording, label printing, product testing, order picking and much more. Our workstations will help you eliminate unnecessary foot travel and significantly improve accuracy by having your mobile wireless workstation right at...

Newcastle Systems
73 Ward Hill Ave
Haverhill, Massachusetts 01835
Tel: 1 (781) 935-3450

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Newcastle Systems
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