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BX series of forklifts

Battery-powered forklifts in cushion and pneumatic-tire versions


The BX series of forklifts by Nissan Forklift (UniCarriers Americas) includes cushion-tire models in 3,000- to 8,000-pound capacities and pneumatic-tire models in 3,000- to 5,000-pound capacities.

Powered by a 100% AC motor and controller system, the vehicles deliver consistent performance throughout a shift on a single battery charge. For reduced maintenance, the vehicles are constructed with fewer parts to minimize service requirements and downtime. Enhanced cooling capacity and thermal protection sensors protect the motor and controller systems by reducing speed and alerting the operator to potential overheating.

For safety, the forklifts are equipped with return-to-neutral and a standard seat-actuated operator presence system that automatically locks lifting and tilting when the operator exits the truck.

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