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CA-A50060-NSI BST tugger

Programmable tugger for cart delivery

Equipped with a sophisticated control system, the CA-A50060-NSI BST tugger by Creform can navigate up to 50 courses (128 commands each) and is programmable by PC or an onboard touchscreen.

The units follow a magnetic tape guidepath and function as automated tuggers, eliminating the need for manned delivery vehicles. They drive under a stationary cart equipped with a BST hitch, extend a tow pin into the hitch, deliver the cart to a designated work area, then retract the tow pin and move out to pick up another cart.

Programs can be downloaded with USB memory, Ethernet cable or radio frequency. For command initiation, the unit includes an RFID reader.

ProMat 2013—Booth 1881

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The Creform System, employed worldwide for over 50 years, has combined all of the elements of efficient material handling that today are recognized as critical to success in global manufacturing.

Creform Corporation
PO Box 830
Greer, South Carolina 29652
Tel: 800-839-8823

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Creform Corporation
BST undercarriage AGV tugger
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Creform hosts ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening of its new tech center in Kentucky
Company welcomes more than 200 visitors to its new strategically placed Tech Center.

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