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Carpet pad racks

Store three times as many rolls per pallet position

Carpet pads occupy a lot of space when floor stacked on pallets. Dyna-Rack’s carpet pad racks allow the pad rolls to be stacked in a dense bundle. You can store about three times as many rolls per pallet position.

The pad racks can be stacked three to four high—opening up valuable floor space for other uses.

The portable pad racks also provide security for each pad roll as the posts on the racks help keep the rolls contained.

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We are a custom manufacturer of portable, stackable racking for business and industry.  We work through a network of material handling dealers & distributors.  No order is too large or too small for us; we welcome all inquiries.  Custom designs built to the user’s specifications are our specialty.

425 Sovereign Court
St. Louis, Missouri 63011
Tel: 800-939-3962

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Design 3 Portable Stack Rack
Design 3 stack racks are manufactured to safely store product of almost any size or weight.

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