CentraPower savings with hydraulic dock leveler operations

Efficient and easy to use with push button controls

Hydraulic loading dock levelers from Poweramp are efficient and easy to use with push button controls. Their operating strength allows them to have a high Comparative Industry Rating.  Poweramp hydraulic levelers are also the safest to use, as they contain in-line velocity fuses to prevent free fall of the platform.

The operating costs of hydraulic levelers can be greatly reduced by installing CentraPower. This centralized hydraulic system is ideal for any facility with six or more hydraulic levelers. 

CentraPower is easy to install and will consolidate the individual electric motors, pumps and reservoirs of several hydraulic levelers into one convenient pumping stating.  Not only will this increase savings by reducing energy costs, but it will also lower maintenance requirements previously needed for the hydraulic system at each individual leveler.

Additionally, CentraPower also comes with two pumps and two motors.  Although only one of each is needed to operate the system, this redundancy creates a reliable backup to ensure the hydraulic levelers remain operable at all times.

Contact a local Poweramp representative to learn about the new CentraPower design and how it can be beneficial for loading docks with hydraulic operations.

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