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Schaefer Systems International
CF line of collapsible containers

Collapsible containers inter-stack on top of 48 x 48-inch pallet-base systems


Compatible with a variety of 48 x 45-inch pallet-base systems, the CF line of collapsible containers by Schaefer Systems International inter-stack with multiple units in other sizes to form a mixed, straight-wall pallet load.

The units come in outside dimensions of 11.9 x 14.9 to 23.9 x 22.4 inches and in heights from 7.5 to 15.1 inches. Offered with or without attached lids, the containers feature ergonomic pocket handles, sidewall hinges and pivot pins for collapsing when empty, and sidewall security interlocks to prevent misalignment and maintain engagement in the event of a side impact. To form a structurally sound unit, end-wall catches on the base component maintain all box geometries under loading, preventing failures.

The containers may be specified with one of three bottom configurations: crosstac to accommodate inter-stacking of small and large containers; crosspad for lower weight and better surface contact in conveyance; and transtac smooth bottom for use with a flip-top lid.

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Schaefer Systems International
10021 Westlake Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28273
Tel: 1 (704) 944-4500
1 (877) 724-2327
Fax: 1 (704) 944-4567

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Schaefer Systems International
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