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Egemin Automation
E’gv Compact counterbalanced single-depth fork AGV

Maneuver, transfer loads automatically with compact automatic guided vehicle


Modular and affordable, the E’gv Compact counterbalanced single-depth fork automatic guided vehicle by Egemin handles heavier loads and completes a wider variety of moves than an automatic guided cart.

It can be used for a range of applications including point-to-point movement, conveyor transfer, single- or multi-deep floor transfer, single position rack transfer or stand transfer. With a 33% smaller footprint than the supplier’s standard-size AGV, the unit can work in tighter spaces and lift loads weighing 2,500 pounds to heights of 48 inches.

Standard features include laser navigation and safety system, pendant, Windows operating system on solid-state drive media, industrial battery and 802.11 wireless communications.

Modex 2016—Booth 1219

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Egemin Automation
11818 James Street
Holland, Michigan 49424
Tel: 1 (616) 393-0101
Fax: 1 (616) 393-0331

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Egemin Automation
E’gv Compact automatic guided vehicle
Customize base model compact AGV

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