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Flex-Drive system for bomb bay and push tray sorters

New drive system for bomb bay and push tray sorters debuts


The Flex-Drive system has debuted, adding incline and decline abilities to EuroSort’s line of bomb bay and push tray sorters.

The new drive platform also supports infinitely long sorters, lower power consumption and both left and right hand turns.

This makes the solution ideal for high-volume operations with a large number of sort destinations, such as e-commerce and omni-channel distributors.

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We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-speed unit sortation systems using simple, efficient, space saving designs at a higher quality, a lower price, and a smaller footprint than our competitors.

55 New Plant Court
Owings Mills, Maryland 21117
Tel: 1 (410) 363 6345

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Twin Push-Tray unit sorter
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EuroSort’s new drive system enhances sorter flexibility
The new Flex-Drive system in EuroSort’s booth (Booth 1541) can enable bomb bay and push tray sorters to climb and descend.

EuroSort unveils new Sweep Belt Sorter
EuroSort (Booth 6713A) rolled out its newest high-speed unit sorter, the EuroSort Sweep Belt Sorter.

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