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FlueKeepers Rack Keeper System

A simple, cost effective product to keep stored material out of flue spaces

NEW Fluekeeper HD (HEAVY DUTY) keeps palletized material out of rack transverse flue spaces

  • Allows your sprinkler system to function as designed.
  • Provides 3” transverse flue space on each side of rack post. (6” total)
  • Heavy duty tube member designed for up to 48” frames. (deeper by special request)
  • Can be used at pallet and/or product elevations.
  • Satisfies insurance company guidelines and local building inspector criteria.
  • Connectors available for all major rack brands.
  • Suitable for new installations or retrofit programs.
  • Boltless front & rear beam type connections make for easy installation, without any special tools or skills.
  • Connectors available for structural frames

Step 1: Install rear connector into rear post, engaging safety lock.
Step 2: Insert tube into rear connector.
Step 3: Insert tube into front connector, install front connector into front post, engaging safety lock.


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DACS, Inc. specializes in the manufacture of steel decking products and accessories for material handling and warehousing. DACS Punch Deck® provides a smooth, uniformly strong surface with 50% open area.

900 Port Centre Parkway
Portsmouth, Virginia 23704
Tel: 866-286-6215
Fax: 1 (866) 401-8107

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Steel fire baffles for rack systems
Add baffles to storage racks to contain fires

FlueKeeper HD
Pallet rack attachment aids in fire protection

Punch Deck open area rack decking
Open area rack decking FM-approved

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