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Hold-Tite Series automatic vehicle restraint

As a trailer backs into position, the exterior light is green and the interior light is red. Once the trailer is positioned against the dock bumpers, the operator depresses the “engage” button. The interior caution light is amber and the exterior light is red while the restraint is in motion.

Dockmasters’ Hold-Tite vehicle restraint rotates and seeks out the RIG. Once the trailer is secured the inside light will display green and the outside light will display red. An optional exterior strobe light indicator provides additional emphasis to driver during activation and by-pass operation.

The unit provides a positive engagement for horizontal forces while the trailer is being loaded/unloaded. After the loading/unloading is complete, the operator depresses the “release” button. When the trailer is released and the restraint is safely stored the interior light changes to red while the exterior light changes to green.

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Dockmasters is the largest dock Equipment Company in Los Angeles, California. We are a distributor of loading dock levelers, truck restraints, seals, edge of docks and scissor lifts. We also specialize in servicing all brands of dock equipment to bring your business back up to speed. Dockmasters has been serving our customers for over 50 years with fast reliable service.

4436 Worth St.
Los Angeles, California 90063
Toll Free: (800) 439-9808

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