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ILG-5 automated gluer

Automated gluing system


The ILG-5 automated gluer by Box On Demand uses automatic glue-joint length detection to fasten the glue tab on corrugated boxes in seconds.

The highly configurable, easy-to-use machine features integrated Micro-PLC control and a hot melt system that handles both batch operations and frequently changing box sizes.

Doubling as an out-feed table to minimize footprint, the machine is ideal for use in e-commerce, fulfillment, furnishings, electronics, parts, tools, lighting and electrical product packaging.

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Box on Demand is a new approach to sourcing corrugated packaging for companies that ship a complex and shifting mix of products.

Box On Demand
4075 W. Columbia Ave
Battle Creek, Michigan 49015
1 (877) 326-3653

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Box On Demand
Rack Pack
Portable Pack Station Box Replenishment

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On-demand system fabricates Carolina Biological Supply’s boxes
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Box On Demand partners with Sealed Air
Partnership to create right-sized packages for combinations of SKUs.

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