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Low-energy consumption sorter uses minimal fractional drives

For sorting of a large range of cartons and products for e-commerce, retail and parcel applications, the OptiSorter uses a pusher bar to move products off a tray to containers or accumulation chutes and conveyors. The system deploys a low number of fractional horsepower drives for low energy consumption and cost effective construction.

Modular, the machine’s sorter track can decline and incline, eliminating an in-feed platform and supporting multi-level installations.

The quiet system runs at less than 70 decibels and can be configured to carousel, dog-leg, and outside or inside sort destinations.

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Optimus Sorters Logo
Optimus Sorter Technology is an innovative company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing sortation systems. We can build sorters for special sized products / applications. Our markets include logistics, e-commerce, parcel handling, and retail environments. For more information contact - [email protected] Application: 32710 Optimus Sorters Or check our web site at

Optimus Sorters
1216 Silvercreek
Loveland, Ohio 45140
Tel: 1 (704) 401-4588

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Optimus Sorters
OptiSorter modular sorter
Sorter handles variety of product weights, sizes, shapes

Fixed path: Sorter handles both inbound and outbound flows
Rapidly growing e-commerce company automates to ensure service levels.

OptiSorter tray and pusher system
Modular system sorts a variety of products

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