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Lift’n Buddy
Pail Partner ergonomic lifter/transporter

Lift, transport 5-gallon pails ergonomically


The Pail Partner ergonomic lifter/transporter by Lift’n Buddy eliminates back strain from lifting and transporting heavy 5-gallon pails with a special yoke that securely holds a plastic or metal pail just below its rigid collar.

The yoke can be easily raised or lowered to pick up stacks of up to three pails, add to or take from a stack, wheel the stack to another location, and place the pails on a floor, shelf or tailgate. The compact unit carries loads of up to 200 pounds and places them on surfaces up to 35 inches high. Its stable, four-wheel counterbalanced construction easily navigates narrow aisles and can turn a complete circle within its footprint.

Features include a pushbutton linear actuator for smooth lifting and lowering of the unit’s yoke/platform; heavy-duty, 10-inch, flat-free tires in front and swivel casters in back for maneuverability; and maintenance-free 12-volt battery with on-board charger.

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Lift’n Buddy was established in 2011 by inventor and entrepreneur Aaron Lamb in Fargo, North Dakota. The company became part of a North Dakota State University “incubator” program known as InnovateND. It was in this business nurturing environment that Lamb’s idea for a better lifting and transporting device became a reality. Product designs were finalized, prototypes developed and finally production units began rolling out of the manufacturing facility. In March of 2013, Lift’n Buddy was acquired by The Southworth International Group. The Southworth International Group is the parent of a family of companies whose mission is to Make...

Lift’n Buddy
1854 NDSU Research Circle N
Fargo, North Dakota 58102
Tel: 1 (701) 499-5290
1 (855) 543-8283
Fax: 1 (207) 669-8345

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