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Power Tug

Pedestrian-operated tug maneuvers wheeled loads

The pedestrian-operated, battery-powered Power Tug by NuStar can push, pull and maneuver virtually any wheeled load. Using its own modular range of attachments, the vehicle handles rolling loads up to 5,000 pounds, as well as those with high rolling resistance.

After fitting snugly up to the load, its actuator grabs and locks onto the framework to safely move tanks, carts or dollies. The tug also safely maneuvers carts with four swivel casters or two swivel and two fixed casters. Features include a mono-drive wheel with stabilizing casters for operation on uneven surfaces, on-board battery charger, safety horn, hand guards, a fully programmable control system, automatic braking and emergency reverse.

For further customization, optional add-ons include an audible motion beeper, safety strobe, dual-leg configuration and custom attachments. A stainless steel model is offered for food, pharmaceutical or clean room use.

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At Nu-Star, we specialize in the design, manufacture, and sale of U.S.A. made, pedestrian-operated, battery-powered material handling tugs for maneuvering an incredible range of wheeled and semi-wheeled loads. Whatever industrial sector you’re in, we’re the cost-effective, custom solution source. Our current product line consists of six main units designed for different industrial applications. The Power Pusher line can push, pull and maneuver loads from 500 lbs. to 250,000 lbs. in challenging industrial settings. Work with one of our engineers today for your custom solution.

1425 Stagecoach Road
Shakopee, Minnesota 55379
Tel: (952) 445-8295

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