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Intertape Polymer Group
RipCord tape head technology

System applies pull cord under carton sealing tape to eliminate cutting tools

Working in conjunction with a case sealing machine, RipCord tape head technology by Intertape Polymer Group is offered as a safe and easy way to apply a string that opens packaged contents without knives, box cutters or other cutting tools.

The system applies a visible striped cord under the carton sealing tape during the taping cycle. Pulling the string’s tail safely opens the carton, allowing quick access to the goods inside and preventing possible damage to products inside or personnel using traditional opening methods that are a potential safety hazard.

The system allows a full web of tape to be applied to cover the maximum surface area needed to be sealed.

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Intertape Polymer Group Inc. is a packaging products and systems company which supplies retailers and manufacturers, based in Montreal and Sarasota, Florida.

Intertape Polymer Group
Sarasota, Florida
1 (888) 898-7834

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Intertape Polymer Group
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