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DMW&H Systems
RSU Reliable Sortation Unit

Sorter handles bar coded, non-bar coded products


Providing a durable, inexpensive and accurate method of sorting a range of bar coded products, the RSU Reliable Sortation Unit sorter by DMW&H features tilted carrying trays traveling on an enclosed track conveyor.

Items are inducted onto the trays either manually or automatically, and then conveyed to their destination. To improve productivity, trays are presented to the induction area in a horizontal position and later tilted for sortation.

At pre-defined sort points, hinged doors open on the carrying trays to gently discharge the product, allowing items to gently slide from the trays to their proper chute or directly into their shipping carton. When integrated with an advanced vision system, the sorter can also sort non-bar coded products.

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DMW&H Systems
120 Asia Place
Carlstadt, New Jersey 07072
Tel: 201-635-3493
1 (800) 966-6993
Fax: 201-933-2144

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DMW&H Systems
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