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Philadelphia Scientific
Stealth Slim Valve for battery watering system

Slim valve allows low-profile watering system to fit all industrial batteries


With the introduction of the Stealth Slim Valve for use with Philadelphia Scientific’s Stealth Watering System, the equipment now fits any size and make of industrial battery.

The low profile system’s new slim valve fits the narrow spacing between the straps of the two batteries that the system previously could not accommodate: Crown Battery’s Max-Haul and GNB Industrial Power’s flat-plate.

Float-based, the single-point battery watering system precisely fills all battery cells to the same level simultaneously. It isideal for installations of five to 25 batteries in conventional charging applications.

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Our specialty is improving the life and performance of industrial batteries

Philadelphia Scientific
207 Progress Drive
Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania 18936
Tel: 1 (215) 616-0390

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Philadelphia Scientific
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