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Sure Sort Small Item Sortation System

Streamlined, scalable order sortation system

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Highly scalable and configurable, the Sure Sort automated robotic item sorter handles small items in a variety of shapes and sizes—including cylinders, clear and plastic bags, and blister packs—distributing them into a put wall.

The solution is ideal for packages less than 5 pounds with dimensions ranging from 1.25 to 15 inches long and 1.25 to 12 inches wide. Applications include order fulfillment, e-commerce order sorting, retail store replenishment, parcel sortation, kitting and returns processing.

Additional Sure Sort Information.

Replenishments and wave or batch picked orders are delivered to a Sure Sort induction operator located at an ergonomically designed workstation. Items are placed on a drop conveyor and scanned. A waiting iBOT delivers the item to a designated order bin located on either side of a dense storage aisle.

iBOTs are directed by Sure Sort’s host software in conjunction with virtually any warehouse automation management system. Sure Sort delivers all items to their assigned order locations accurately and easily in a single pass at up to 3,600 items per hour. Sure Sort provides the greatest number of sort locations in the smallest footprint.

Once the order is completed, the bin is cleared and the order tote or shipping container is transported to a packing station in preparation for shipment.


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