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Crown Equipment
TSP 7000 and TSP 6500 series turret trucks

Gain 31% more warehouse space with turret truck


Featuring Crown Equipment’s MonoLift mast, the TSP 7000 and TSP 6500 series turret trucks reach lift speeds of 120 feet per minute, which is 41% faster than conventional trucks.

When traveling, the vehicle can complete a full traverse in 5 seconds and pivot a full 180 degrees in 6 seconds. To add more than 31% storage capacity to a facility, the TSP 7000 can deliver loads to heights of 675 inches; the TSP 6500 can reach a total of 531 inches. For greater stability and to minimize twisting and swaying, the mast is rooted in boxed-in cross section construction.

Other highlights include regenerative braking and lowering systems that capture lost energy and return it to the battery, and ergonomic features such as a fully adjustable seat, integrated controls built into the armrests, and an optional cold storage cabin for applications with temperatures as low as -40°F.

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Crown Equipment Corporation designs, manufactures, distributes, services and supports material handling products that provide customers with superior value. Since its entry into the material handling equipment industry in 1956, Crown has distinguished itself from competitors with exceptional product designs and a unique business approach based on vertical integration. When it says Crown on the outside, it’s a Crown on the inside. Crown designs and manufactures 85 percent of its lift truck components, including key parts like motors, drive units, and electronic modules.

Crown Equipment
44 South Washington Street
New Bremen, Ohio 45869
Tel: 1 (419) 629-2311
Fax: 419 629 2900

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Crown Equipment
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