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JLT Mobile Computers
Verso+ 10 Compact Mobile Computer and JLT1214P Forklift Computer

Vehicle-mount terminals offer virtually unbreakable screens

The Verso+ 10 compact mobile computer and JLT1214P forklift computer are now equipped with a new PowerTouch display.

The screen offers an interaction experience similar to that of consumer devices, but features a 0.07-inch thick, chemically toughened glass cover for additional resilience against scratches, scuffs or breakage. Because it shares the capability of resistive touchscreens, the computers can be operated in freezer environments with gloves of different materials and thicknesses.

Other highlights include an Intel quad-core processor for instantaneous response times, and advanced control firmware that filters out unwanted signals caused by water droplets on the screen in washdown applications.

ProMat 2017 - Booth S3074


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JLT Mobile Computers
8945 South Harl Avenue
Suite 112
Tempe, Arizona 85284
Tel: 1 (480) 397-1214
1 (844) 705-4200

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JLT Mobile Computers
JLT Mobile Computers unveils vehicle-mount terminals with virtually unbreakable screens
The new Verso+ 10 and JLT1214P by JLT Mobile Computers (Booth S3074) are small form factor computers equipped with new PowerTouch…

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