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Blue Giant Equipment
VL vertical storing dock leveler

Store dock leveler in vertical position to save space


The VL vertical storing dock leveler by Blue Giant Equipment parks in an upright position, allowing trailers to back firmly against its bumpers before the overhead door opens.

This creates a complete seal between the trailer and the facility interior, making it ideal for operations that store and transport environmentally sensitive products such as beverages, frozen food and pharmaceuticals. Features include a precision-based inclinometer for accurate dock positioning and a floating deck that matches trailer movement during cargo handling.

For easy cleaning, the deck hinge has no entrapment points, preventing the collection of dirt and creating a level bridge between the loading dock and trailer bed. When the dock returns to the stored position, protective cushioning shields the deck cylinder, preserving equipment integrity. A touch control panel includes onboard diagnostics, touch-sensitive function buttons and keypad, and a stop button to halt dock leveler operation should an emergency arise.

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Blue Giant Equipment
85 Heart Lake Road South
Brampton, Ontario L6W 3K2
Tel: 1 (905) 457-3900
1 (800) 668-7078

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