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Latest in Lift Trucks & Accessories

Comprehensive lift trucks resource. Includes news and product reviews regarding forklifts and their safe and efficient use within warehouses and distribution centers.

Latest Lift Trucks & Accessories Products

Yale Lift Trucks
Yale robotic lift trucks
Automate repetitive tasks and reduce operating costs up to 70%
HAWKER Provides Leading Edge Motive Power Solutions for Diverse Applications
HAWKER offers a complete line of battery and charger solutions.
Nomad Forklift UniCarriers
Nomad: Indoor-outdoor forklift
The benefits of cushioned and pneumatic tire models in one forklift
KOOI-Pallet Bumper load protector
Protect pallets, products from damage with forklift attachment
Yale MPE080VG end rider with manual and automatic modes
End rider truck operates with infrastructure-free navigation technology
SmartBlinky Pro battery-watering monitor
Electrolyte level indicator with visible, audible alarms

More Lift Trucks & Accessories Products

Latest in Lift Trucks & Accessories

Lift truck battery management delivers staying power
Charged with cutting waste, many fleet owners are finding battery management practices have plenty of room for improvement.

Yale Lift Trucks
Yale robotic lift trucks
The benefits of automation are clear – enable labor to focus on higher-value added tasks while increasing operational efficiency, reducing operating costs and minimizing damaged goods and accidents. But traditional AGVs come with some drawbacks, requiring the installation of extra infrastructure and…

Lift Truck Tips: Attachments work smarter, not harder
Parallel to advances in lift truck sophistication, attachment manufacturers have worked to make their products more intelligent efficient and user-friendly. Fork Lift Accessories make lift trucks more efficient.

HAWKER Provides Leading Edge Motive Power Solutions for Diverse Applications
With more than 85 years of motive power experience and innovation, HAWKER® offers a complete line of battery and charger motive power solutions.

Nomad Forklift UniCarriers
Nomad: Indoor-outdoor forklift
One of the most versatile forklifts available, the Nomad is designed to navigate tight indoor aisles and handle outdoor applications.

ITA reports third consecutive year of record-breaking forklift sales in 2017
North American market again increases by nearly 10%, selling more than a quarter million units.

Industrial Truck Association names new chairman
Scott Johnson, vice president of CLARK, takes up the gavel.

General Motors increases manufacturing productivity with automated vehicles
Self-driving vehicles reduce time and waste in large facility’s complex manufacturing operations.

Lift Truck Tips: Maintain the Lift Truck Fleet, Sustain the Business
Once a fleet is wrapped in a layer of data collection, it can be connected to warehouse and labor management to drive improvements.

KION Group and EP Equipment enter strategic partnership
KION Group to acquire minority stake in leading Chinese manufacturer to extend its offering in the fast-growing market for entry-level warehouse equipment.

Other Voices: The connected forklift service technician
How to prepare service practices to achieve the best maintenance benefits provided by greater connectivity.

Lift Truck Series Part 1: Lift truck technology connects pickers to productivity
Mobile, connected and critical to the movement of goods, the modern lift truck and picker are helping unlock the next level of productivity. Technology for lift trucks, ergonomics in lift trucks, Internet of things in the warehouse, Interconnected Lift Trucks

60 Seconds with Kevin Lacy, North Carolina Department of Transportation
Modern Materials Handling sat down with Kevin Lacy who is responsible for the safe and efficient movement of all modes of transportation through research and development of effective policies to improve traffic flow and safety for all.

Lift Truck Tips: Manufacturers lead charge toward electrified future
Electric equipment continues to displace its internal combustion counterparts—even up to 92,000-pound capacities—and offers benefits far beyond energy costs. Benefits of Electric lift trucks. Buying electric forklifts, hyster forklifts

KOOI-Pallet Bumper load protector
When mounted in the center of the forklift carriage, the KOOI-Pallet Bumper load protector from Meijer Handling Solutions reduces damage to products and pallets.

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